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I searched through Google and Yahoo for this error message and couldn't find an answer to this error message problem when trying to add a new hyperlink. I found the answer in my case. I checked to see if any of the includes were checked out from within Dreamweaver. And sure enough my includes were checked out. As soon as I checked them in, the error went away. I think Contribute opens the main page beacuse it's checked in. However if any of the includes are checked out instead of checked in, it confused Contribute. Ever try and edit a page in Contribute that is checked out by Dreamweaver? It won't let you. So naturally it's confused by part of the page being checked in and another part being checked out.

I didn't find any mention of this on any of the discussion threads, so I thought I should try and spread the word.

Hope this helps.



I had the problem that I got this message when trying to copy paste int a particular editable region - just one on the page.

Comparing the regions I noticed that this one was within a tag. Moving the region outside the tag let me copy paste into it via Contribute...


I have been plagued with this problem in Contribute CS3 recently. Primarily in repeating regions. My users try to insert links into perfectly valid areas and they are blocked from doing so. My template code is fine and I am convinced this is a Contribute bug. Very annoying.

The fix listed in this post works about 30% of the time. This, however, works for me 100% of the time: If I get the error upon trying to insert a link, I "save for later" leaving the UNLINKED text or image in place. When I immediately return to the draft to edit, inserting the link on the text/image that I put in place before "saving for later" no longer gives me an error.

I'd be curious to know if CS4 users see this bug as well.

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