OverDrive Media Console mobile app update coming

OverDrive will release an updated version of the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) mobile app for iOS and Android (v2.6.5) on Tuesday, May 29. You can find a summary of the release details in this WPLC blog post —please review and distribute in advance to ensure your support staff are prepared for the changes!

OverDrive How-To Guides

OverDrive recently announced that new How-To Guides are now available. The device specific guides are available for Android, iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), Kindle Fire and that more are coming soon.

In the meantime, Jim Ramsey from Middleton Public Library created instructions for use with patrons and they are available for you to use in your library. You can find the links to the documents in this previous TechBits post, Notes on OverDrive: The Next Generation



And, don't forget about BadgerLearn. In addition to OverDrive training materials, you can find many other archived webinars, tutorials, handouts, and much more.


Monday Match Game

We're going to play a matching game today. Match the icon or symbol with its meaning:

1. Gear

  A. My Account (OverDrive)

2. Menu

  B. Available eBook (OverDrive)

3. Search   C. Help
4. Wireless   D. Home
5. ODAccount

  E. Available Audiobook(OverDrive)

6. Home   F. Settings
7. ODHelp   G. Wireless
8. ODeBookAvailable   H. Search
9. ODAudioAvailable   I. Battery Charge
10. Charge   J. Menu

Before peeking at the answer key below, how many did you get right? These are some common symbols and icons that appear on many smart phones, tablets, ereaders and other devices. Icons on your device may vary slightly.

Are there icons or symbols on your device that you don't recognize? Check out the User Guide for your individual device for additional information.

 Thanks to Rose for the idea!




Answers: 1.F; 2.J; 3.H; 4.G; 5.A; 6.D; 7.C; 8.B; 9.E; 10.I

Notes on OverDrive: The Next Generation

We're over two weeks and five training sessions into the Next Generation of OverDrive and here's what I've learned so far:

  • OverDrive is still fixing and tweaking the site and App so little things may change from day to day
  • The OverDrive Apps have all been updated - Yay!CancelHold
  • I've started referring to transferring titles from the computer to a device as the "traditional" or "old way" (it's still my way for my NOOK Tablet)
  • Patrons can now cancel holds during the 3-day period it's available to borrow
  • Able to tell at a glance if a title is available ODeBookAvailable
    Or not ODeBookUnavailable

  • Someone at your library should be subscribed to the WPLC Email List as OverDrive tips and news are shared here

Librarians are awesome! Jim Ramsey from Middleton Public Library graciously offered to share the instructions they created for use with patrons and gave me permission to post them here. They're in Word format so feel free to customize for your library. Thanks Jim!

  1. Kindle Step-by-Step 
  2. Kindle Fire with OverDrive App
  3. NOOK Color/Tablet with OverDrive App
  4. Android Tablet with OverDrive App
  5. iPad and other IOS Devices with OverDrive App

OverDrive: The Next Generation

Guest post by Jean Anderson

With apologies to Star Trek: The Next Generation

Anyone visiting Wisconsin’s Digital Library since yesterday (February 21) morning noticed some pretty big changes in the appearance of our site along with some new options when downloading titles.

Some of the cool changes include a much easier check out process.
Borrow Button 
Patrons can choose their desired format after checking out the title or can read the books immediately via their web browser. Patrons can still download the title to their ereader using the App, Adobe Digital Editions, or Amazon (for Kindle books). Reading in your browser is simply another option for reading ebooks.

One benefit of Reading in Your Browser is patrons can read the same book on multiple devices. Check out and start reading a title on your laptop then pick up where you left on on your iPad or other tablet. Log into Wisconsin’s Digital Library using the web browser on your device (not the OverDrive app if you have it installed) and go to your Bookshelf and then Read. The book will load - exactly where you left off - in another tab. Save the title as a bookmark or favorite to read the book without being online. I’ve been testing this out and it’s pretty cool!

OverDrive has updated their help pages to cover all the changes and new features. One tip for iPad/iPhone users - turn Private Browsing off in order for the title to load in Safari. I haven’t played with this on an Android tablet or phone. If anyone has tips to share, please leave a comment.

Recommend to Library

Guest post by Jean Anderson

Wisconsin’s Digital Library has grown to include over 74,000 copies of over 27,000 titles (as of 1/30/2013). While that’s a lot of options, I’m sure there are titles that you and your patrons would love to see in the collection. Recommend To Library is a new feature recently added to Wisconsin’s Digital Library that will make it easy for you and your patrons to help grow the collection.

When patrons are logged in to their account and perform a search, they’ll see a tab for Additional Titles as part of the results list. Additional Titles

Clicking on that link will show all the titles available in the OverDrive collection (titles not on this list are likely absent due to publisher restrictions). Patrons will see the Recommend button RTLfor titles that are not currently part of the Wisconsin’s Digital Library.

Patrons can recommend up to three titles per month. The selection committee receives all the requests and places monthly orders for selected titles.

Thanks for your suggestions!

And thanks to Steve Heser at MCFLS for the great instructions and letting us use them!

OverDrive reports and statistics

Last year's post, "Authentication, stats, and Home Library" covered a lot of material. Some key points to remember:

  • If you add or change patron info in your library's ILS, those changes won't be available to OverDrive right away (see post for details).
  • SCLS provides OverDrive access for all patrons living in the SCLS service area.  Patrons living outside the SCLS service area should access OverDrive through their library system.
  • pie chartOverDrive use is attributed to libraries based on the patron's "Home Library."

How can you get reports and statistics showing your library's OverDrive use?

OverDrive - How do I...?

Guest post by Jean Anderson

QuestionsIt’s December 26, the library re-opens after the holiday and the first question you get is “How do I get library books on my tablet, Kindle, iPad, NOOK, etc.” Here are some tips to get you (and your patrons) the help you need.

First, check the OverDrive Help pages. If you haven’t looked at them recently, take a look. They’re much improved and include videos, articles, and device-based help. You can also explore the Device Resource Center and make sure the device your patron is asking about is compatible with Wisconsin’s Digital Library.

If your question isn’t answered there, you can contact WPLC for support. There’s a form linked here. Be sure to include as much information as you have to make it easier for staff to answer your questions.

In a recent email to the WPLC list, Jane Richard explained 2 common questions that are referred back to local libraries. First is expired cards. For SCLS libraries, when an expired card is renewed, or a new library card is issued, the information is updated overnight. The patron will be able to use their library card with Wisconin's Digital Library the next day. Second is replacement cards. If a patron gets a new library card and has existing holds and wishlists, this needs to be reported to OverDrive because OverDrive staff needs to do the actual transfer of holds and wishlists to the new card.

You can report replacement cards - or ask other questions - using the WPLC Support form or by contacting OverDrive Support directly (library staff only). This TechBits post from earlier this year will explain more about the OverDrive Support Account and how to get one.

Happy Reading!

New features for Wisconsin's Digital Library in 2013

PresentHere's a peek inside a package marked "Do Not Open Until 2013." Subtle changes will be appearing in Wisconsin's Digital Library in mid-January:

  • "Additional Titles": a new search option which lets patrons search the entire OverDrive catalog (including titles not currently part of the Wisconsin's Digital Library collection).
  • "Recommend to Library": a button that will appear alongside titles that are not currently a part of the collection which lets patrons recommend a title be added to the collection.

What monumental change will also not be appearing right before the holiday rush? OverDrive Read's "See Book, Read Book" (the long-awaited technology that will allow titles to be read and downloaded without the use of additional software). The WPLC Board elected not to make this change in December to avoid training issues and added stress during libraries' busiest time of year for supporting patrons using downloadable ebooks and audiobooks. Watch for this feature in 2013!

Get in the holiday spirit (by promoting downloadable ebooks & audiobooks)

When patrons unwrap brand new gadgets this holiday season, make sure they think of the library by promoting Wisconsin's Digital Library now. "They're going to use their new toys anyway, right? Why not direct them towards your digital library?"* Here are some ideas:

* Adam Sockel, in OverDrive's Digital Library Blog