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The Pandemic Keychain

With the growing awareness of how germs and bacteria spread, It become increasingly important to avoid possibly virus laden surfaces. When you stop and think about it, what surfaces receive the most contact, from the largest number of people? Some of the big answers are keypads, and computer touch screens. 

With the current pandemic, it becomes ever more important that we personally touch as few surfaces as possible. The main problem with that, is that life still goes on. In today's technology prevalent society, it is near impossible to avoid a keypad. They are everywhere, from grocery stores to call buttons. 

One way to avoid germs is to wear gloves.....everywhere. Like most people, I find that concept to be a little hard to bear.  I was recently introduced to a Stylus tipped multi-tool that a lot of people have started using to address these very issues.  There are a number of different brands and types that have been created recently, and most of them are similar to the one pictured below. The thicker stylus can be used on both keypads and touch screen, the open area was designed to help open doors, and some of them even include a bottle opener. 

This low tech solution can help keep ourselves, and our computer screens, safe and clean. Personally, I am glad it attaches to keys, or I would never be able to find it!




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