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How fast is my internet, Really?!

Recently it has become a common occurrence for Internet Service Providers(ISPs) to over promise and under deliver on their internet speeds. This can be particularly frustrating because of the many facets of daily life that require a stable, relatively fast connection.  

This begs the question,"Am I getting what I pay for?" This is especially important for businesses and public services, such as libraries and schools, that depend on fast, reliable internet. In the past it may have been a little complicated to find the answer to this question, but in recent years many sites have appeared that give a clear, easy answer to the question, How fast is my internet.

The most popular, free, website is Speedtest.net. On arrival at the site, you are welcomed with a button that simply says GO. One little click starts your speed test.


The results will give you a clear understanding of you upload and download speeds, in an easy to read manner.


There is another method, that is possibly the easiest method out there. That is to simply search Google for "Speed Test". This will bring you to Google's own speed test, and does not require you to go to another website. All you do is search "Speed Test" and click on the button that says Run Speed Test.



With these easy options you will always be able to answer the question, " How fast is my interent."



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