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(Firefox) Private Browsing and Disappearing Extensions

 The Firefox browser can be used in an almost unlimited number of ways, through the implementation of extensions. Extensions are add-ons that can  be attached to the Firefox browser to enable specific tasks, such as formatting a page, or adding new features. Extensions play an important role in modern browser usage.

In Firefox you can see your active extension icons in the upper right corner of the webpage. Sometimes though, those extension icons disappear, and this is especially so if you are using Private Browsing Mode. Private browsing is a feature that is used to disable browsing history, cache, and website tracking measures such as cookies. This can help keep user data private, and increase security. 

When Private browsing is active, some extensions will require special permission to be used. There are several ways to grant permission. 

The easiest way to grant permission is when first installing the extension. A popup will appear asking you to grant permission to use during Private browsing. A single click of the button, and you are on your way.

The other option is to modify permissions on the Extensions page itself. To get to the extensions page you can either press Ctrl+Shift+A, or click on the dropdown in the upper right corner of the webpage. From there select Add-Ons. 


This will bring you to your Manage your extensions page. Here you will see a list of Currently enabled, disabled, and recommended extensions. For this example, I will be using the Breez ClickOnce extension. Click on the three dots icon on the right side of the extension, this will bring up a selection of options. Select Options or Manage to access the extension's settings.


From this page you will be able to manage various settings, including permissions, updates, and the Private windows option. In the Run in Private Windows area, select Allow.


When this final step is competed, a purple icon, with glasses, will appear next to the extensions name. This lets you know that even when Private browsing is enabled, you will still have full functionality of your favorite extension.


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