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It had a dark blue cover...

MysteryBookHave you had a question from a patron that started something like this? It had a dark blue cover with a padlock and I think it was a thriller set in Kansas - any ideas for the title or author? I loved getting questions like this when I was on the reference desk - and I still get them from my family and friends. It's my way of solving mysteries (my favorite genre). Where would you start?

Through Badgerlink, libraries have access to NoveList which is a great place to start. If that doesn't work, where do you go next? I recently read this article from Atlas Obscura about a group of Reader Services librarians from New York Public Library who answer all sorts of these questions. Patrons have been leaving their questions on a blog post from 2017 and librarians answer many of them throughout the year. Since then, the librarians gather once a year for Title Quest (which sounds like so much fun!) and you can follow along on Twitter. Next year, I'm definitely following along - and maybe even helping to solve a few mysteries.

In addition, the Atlas Obscura article will lead you to quite a few more resources including a reddit thread called "What's That Book" and a Goodreads group called "What's the Name of That Book???" I love all of these threads and articles. What a great way to highlight Reader Services in our libraries.

Any ideas on the title of the book I started out with? Share your answer - or any other resources you use - in the comments. I'll update the post later this week with the answer.

P.S. I highly recommend following Atlas Obscura or getting their calendars or books. I have their page a day calendar and love it! I've added a few places to visit on our next trip to Sweden.


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Was it Dark Places by Gillian Flynn? Google/Amazon as sources.

Great job Lori! You are correct - the book is Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.

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