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Pokémon GO: Do people still play that?

FriendsToday (September 26), a new event started in Pokémon GO. "Friends" are able to trade Pokémon for a reduced amount of stardust--more about that at the end of the article. 

I still play Pokémon GO, and it's better than ever. I'm not alone. According to Dave Thier in this recent article in Forbes, "Pokémon GO just had its best month since September of 2016"! I love this article because Mr. Thier emphasizes the "newer" social aspects of this game--namely the ability to have "Friends." 

But what does Pokémon GO have to do with libraries? The short answer is because many libraries have a PokéStop or Gym embedded into the game. I wrote about this back in 2016, and if you don't know if your library has one of these features, I encourage you to read the article

One of the things that friends can do in Pokémon GO is trade Pokémon. The catch is that you must meet up with friends in person, even if they are strangers. I've often thought that the library would be a great place to do this and may schedule some "trading meetups" at my local library. Starting today (September 26), there is an event that lasts through 1 pm on October that allows you to trade Pokémon for a reduced amount of "stardust." "Stardust" is something you earn, and this is a big deal. So, keep an eye out for people meeting up to trade!



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