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Making the switch to wide screen monitors

I used to have 3 monitorsAre you using a 17 or 19-inch standard (square) monitor or two standard monitors at your workstation? You might want to consider switching to a widescreen format monitor. I made the switch to a widescreen monitor several years ago and I’d like to share with you some of the benefits you might be missing.

  • With modern PCs images, movies, and games look much better on a widescreen than the standard monitor because they are capable of much higher resolutions and use an HD format vs a standard definition format.
  • If you have multiple applications open, navigating between them is much easier when you have a bigger screen.
  • Space saver…sort of. If you are using two standard monitors in a dual monitor arrangement you may find that your desk becomes much less cluttered with a single widescreen monitor.

We’ve been offering our libraries 22-inch widescreen monitors for several years and more recently 24-inch monitors. Now, in just the past month we started offering 27-inch monitors. The next time you replace PCs, take a look at the monitor too. If you are using a standard monitor check out the options available to you. Sometimes you get a discount on the monitor when it’s purchased with a PC.



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