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Explain (It) Like I'm Five

I attended the WiLSWorld Short, "Five Steps to Better Online Privacy with Jessamyn West," last week (which I would highly recommend!) and I learned a phrase I hadn't previously encountered before:  "Explain Like I'm Five."  There are a number of variations on this theme out there ("Explain It Like I'm Five", "Explain It Like I'm Actually Five") and a quick search brought up several Reddit forums, a video series, a podcast and many other things.

Why might it be helpful to know this?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

If you're looking for help with a complicated topic and all you're finding are complicated, overly technical explanations, you could add this phrase to your search and, with any luck, find someone explaining it in a way that anyone would be able to understand.

For example: How does wireless charging work? (which includes a link to this pretty cool video)

It may not help in every situation, but it's definitely worth keeping in mind.

What tricks do you have for finding simple explanations of complex topics?


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