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New Games for VR Kits

Still haven't checked out the Virtual Reality Kits??  What are you waiting for?!

SCLS has 2 VR Kits available for staff at our member libraries to reserve for programs in their library.  The VR kits contain a PlayStation 4 and all the VR equipment you need to play; however you will need your own TV or projector with an HMDI connection.  Now is a great time to check it out if you haven't yet because we have added a couple new games for everyone to enjoy.

Here is a quick overview of the newest games:

HomeStar VR: View the night sky from anywhere in the world.

Beat Saber:  Imagine if Dance Dance Revolution and Fruit Ninja combined with light sabers: That’s what this game is like.

Titanic VR:  Explore the legendary ship in a submarine.  

Eagle Flight:  Become an eagle and soar through the city of Paris.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes:  A great team game to work on communication and help each other diffuse the bomb.


As a reminder these kits are only to be checked out by SCLS librarians and for in-library use only.  Check out our program equipment web page to check availability and reserve a kit today!  


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So does every kit include all of the above-mentioned games? Or is each kit game-specific?

Hi Karen,

Yes both kits have the games mentioned above as well as other games too! Check out my past Tech Bits article for details on the other games, https://scls.typepad.com/techbits/2017/12/sneak-peek-new-technology-coming-soon.html

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