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Navigating Misinformation

A potential wind farm is a hot topic in Green County, WI. As a new County Board Supervisor, I have been listening to residents and doing research to better understand the pros and cons of renewable energy in rural farming communities. The amount of misinformation being shared on this topic is quite shocking, so I was excited to see this free online course being offered:  Navigating Misinformation: How to identify and verify what you see on the web



The goal of the course is to "learn how to identify and verify online content, and learn about responsible reporting in an age of disinformation. These skills will be relevant whether you're in a newsroom or are simply a conscientious digital citizen."

This Massive Online Courses (MOOC) is offered by the Knight Center of Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin. I've taken numerous MOOCs from them on various topics including data storytelling, mapping (GIS), and visual journalism. Courses typically have participants from over 100 countries which offers fascinating perspectives. I wouldn't say that I'm an active student in the courses, but I do explore their resources and short videos (all free!).

I look forward to joining others in learning how to use new tools to navigate misinformation.  


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