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Microsoft Photos: Zoom with mouse wheel

On a day to day basis, I have to zoom in on small details of library site pictures. In Windows past I could simply zoom by scrolling the center mouse wheel. Since upgrading to Windows 10 the default image viewer, Microsoft Photos, had seemingly removed this basic, handy feature. Or did they?

Now when using the mouse wheel Microsoft Photos will just page through the different images in the same folder. I also dislike having to hit the Zoom on the GUI especially when I am trying to zoom on the fly or have to do it a lot. I miss the granularity that the mouse wheel gave me.

Apparently you are still able to zoom with the mouse wheel in Microsoft Photos but it requires a keyboard key now. If you hold Control (Ctrl) and then use the mouse wheel, you will be able to zoom in like you used to.

If you are interested in other Photos keyboard commands and a plethora of other Win10 app commands, check out the following link.





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