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Screen Time

As part of the newest IOS update for my iPhone, Apple has included a new feature called 'Screen Time'.  This feature allows you to track how much you use your phone, pick it up, and how many notifications you receive.  This is a great, and also scary, way to see how much you are actually on your phone.

The feature even breaks it down so you can see exactly how much time and when you spend it on certain apps throughout the day.  If this data scares you afterwords, they have some cool IMG_E4120 IMG_E4120settings to help.  You can pick and choose a schedule to use your phone or time limits for certain apps per day.

The pick ups data is interesting because you don't realize how much you check your phone throughout the day.  The same goes for notifications.  You can check out my weekly stats in the pictures provided.

This feature was also rolled out to iPads, so if you don't have an iPhone you can still use this with those too.  Check it out sometime, the results will shock you.  


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