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A new Outlook Web experience is coming your way sometime soon!


Microsoft has worked hard to improve the Office 365 experience.  The next iteration of this effort comes as a re-design of the Outlook web user interface.  In September Microsoft began offering the new interface to early adopters.  Here at SCLS your Technology Team is used to trying out things that aren't quite finished so some of us jumped in.  I've been using the new interface for a few weeks now and I have to say I like it.  The search is noticeably better, I love the suggested reply's, and the calendar has been improved as well.  Microsoft is doing their best to make the mobile and web experience as similar as possible.  For more info about the new look click here!

When Microsoft finishes their testing, we will move accounts to the new look.  There isn't a timeline on this but I assume it will happen this winter. 

PS There are new sounds available when you get an email....how exciting!




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Those suggested replies can be hilarious and, sometimes, a little scary ;)

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