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Smartphone Firsts: including a holographic display

Move over Star Trek! Who knew that a smartphone with a glasses-free holographic display is slated to be released this fall?  The Red Hydrogen One is one such a phone: it will offer modular attachments for shooting videos, stills and holographic content. 


Each new trailblazing technology can make what we already have seem so mundane. In that vein, here’s a little smartphone history quiz.

Smartphone firsts:
a. What year was the 1st smartphone released? (Clue: It was called the IBM Simon Personal Communicator.)
b. What year was the 1st smartphone released that had a camera? (Clue: Both Nokia and Sanyo released them in the same year.)
c. What year was the 1st Apple iPhone released?
d. What year was the 1st 4V holographic phone released? (Clue: The Red Hydrogen One.)



Answers: a. 1994, b. 2002, c. 2007 and d. 2018


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