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Viewing Images on Google search

In an attempt to make it more difficult to steal copyrighted images, Google removed the ability to “View Image” in its search last month. Instead “Visit” remains an option which takes you to the website that contains that image. Once you’re on the website, it’s more likely that you will see the copyright information for that image if you plan on using it elsewhere. But for a lot of Google users, including me, that aren’t planning on using the images they find, it is just another step to look at an image. Not to mention having to navigate through websites that may be sketchy, filled with ads, or may not even host that image on that particular web page anymore

There are a couple workarounds to view an image on Google.

You can right click on the image preview and choose “Open image in new tab”, “View image”, or something similar depending on your browser. This will open up the original image just as it did before.

An alternative is using a browser extension. There are a couple extensions already made that adds the “View Image” button back to your search results. Here is the one that I use for Chrome and its Firefox counterpart.

If you do plan on using the image elsewhere, do pay attention to the copyrights associated with the image, but if you just want to look at images the way you did before, these will work.


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