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Books, Books, and More Books - 2018 Edition

Litsy2018It's been a while since I've written about books which means I have lots to tell you about, so let's dive in.

Back in June of 2016, I started using Litsy and wanted to give you an update as I recently reached a milestone. I've read 171 books and 57,255 pages! And, I finally cracked 1000 in Litfluence and am at 1,017. You can see my earlier Litsy posts here and here.

Today on Twitter, a few of the mystery authors that I follow were talking about this new website called CrimeReads and, of course, I had to check it out. The site features essays, interviews, reading lists, and some nonfiction as well. You can sign up for an email list or add it to your Feedly account. Even if you're not a mystery reader like me, this site will be great for providing readers advisory in the many genres covered here: mystery, noir/hardboiled, suspense, espionage/thriller, and legal/procedural. Add this one to your list!

If you haven't heard, the awesome website EarlyWord no longer provides daily book coverage. To help fill the gap, Library Journal has started Book Pulse. According to LJ, Book Pulse is "a daily update designed to help collection development and readers' advisory librarians navigate the never-ending wave of new books and book news." You can subscribe to the daily emails or bookmark the site to visit regularly.

I've mentioned BookRiot in the past when I've shared some of my favorite book podcasts. BookRiot recently announced a new newsletter called Check Your Shelf and its tag line is "The Librarian's One-Stop Shop for News, Book Lists, and More." BookRiot won't overwhelm you with email as this newsletter comes out every two weeks. Between these two newsletters, you should be covered in the new book realm!

And, thanks to Becky Spratford of RA for All, I was reminded of the annual "The Morning News Tournament of Books" which started today. In addition to the 2018 brackets, you can also go back to see the books in past tournaments going back to 2005. This is a great RA resource and is also great fun. How many of this year's books have you read*?

*I've only read one - Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders but a couple of them are on my list for this year.





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