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Windows 10 Sound Problems

Windows 10 is smart.  Somtimes it's too smart for it's own good!  I've run across a number of people who have had issues with the sound not working.  This is especially true if you have a laptop and use a dock to connect it to multiple montiors.  I've also seen it happen if you have a desktop and connect a usb cable to your monitors so you can plug in a usb drive to the side of the monitor.

Symptom: No Sound yet the volume is at 100%

Cause: Windows 10 is being "helpful" and switched your default speaker to be your monitor speakers. Please know - you monitor DOESN'T have a speaker!

Solution: Tell Windows what speaker you are actually using

  1. Click this
  2. In the list that pops up select your real speakers (Sometimes it's not evident so you'll need to select one at a time and test the sound.)
    NOTE: Make sure to turn the volume up on the item you just selected. 


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