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Tech Gratefulness

TurkeyWith the Thanksgiving holiday just past, I have been reflecting on what an amazing year this has been for SCLS and the various ways we use technology to help our members provide the best possible service to their public. The Technology Team, the ILS Team and the rest of the staff at SCLS this year have all had a hand in bringing forth new and/or improved services for our member libraries. Here are just a few for which I am grateful.

  • New Data dashboard featuring SCLS member library Fast Facts and Visits Per Capita Comparisons
  • New web site hosted in Drupal (I love the new information slides!)
  • Support for SCLS member libraries to create a digitization plan, digitize their collections and make them accessible in Recollection Wisconsin (4 libraries participating so far due to LSTA grant funds)
  • The Indus 9000 scanner purchased with LSTA funds which allows member libraries to digitize books and other larger items 
  • Nearly $25,000 in FCC E-rate grant funds received for participating libraries
  • Five new or newish staff who are bringing great ideas to SCLS
  • Top notch support staff who keep our systems safe and up-to-date (like with the recent Krack threat)
  • An upgrade from 1 Gig to 10 Gig for our SCLS core network to accommodate the future increased Internet capacity for participating member libraries
  • Updated wireless laptop labs (we update one out of three each year)
  • The updated and much easier to use Evanced calendaring software used to create the SCLS calendar
  • Support for increased Internet bandwidth for Badgernet libraries
  • Using Google forms to more easily collect comparative data for the ILS Evaluation
  • Mobile circulation kits including hot spots

Each of the above projects had multiple people involved, often from different SCLS departments. I am most grateful for the wonderful staff we have at SCLS! Not only do they come up with new and improved service ideas, they pitch in where needed to implement them. 


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