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Exploring Chrome Extensions, Week 2: Grammarly

I have to admit. My grammar is not the best. Luckily there is the Chrome extension Grammarly. In continuing with the Exploring Chrome Extensions series, we are going to check out a very useful one for those of us who are grammar-impaired.

Grammarly is a multi-featured Chrome extension that checks any inputted text in Chrome automatically as you type or finish typing. Not only does the extension check for grammatical errors but it also features a contextual spelling checker.

The application itself is fairly downplayed visually, adding squiggly error lines and context menus for corrections. You will notice when Grammarly is active when you see what looks to be an upside-down Refresh symbol that is bright teal in the lower right-hand corner of the field. I have found that it does not always catch the errors, especially in certain fields. Despite this, I have found this to be a pretty respectable tool in the Chrome extension arsenal.

You can get Grammarly here!


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