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“Cortana, please forget what information you’ve collected”

Cortana is the digital assistant that can respond to voice or text in Windows 10, a Windows phone or Cortana for iPhone or Android. So responsive is ‘she’ that she may store your requests/search history for future reference both locally and in the cloud. How do you get her to forget what you’ve told her? Here’s how, in pictures, for Windows 10.




























2 privacy
















3 speech














4 stop








"Clear what's in the cloud"

Here's where the instructions may deviate slightly for you relative to what data has or has not been collected and your default browser.

5 bing




















In addition to "Browsing History", you will also have the option to remove data saved for "Search History", "Location activity", "Voice activity", "Cortana's Notebook" and "Health activity". 

Happy forgetting!


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