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Annoying "Untitled" Notepad Header

I like to use Notepad a lot to take some quick notes and then print them off without saving the file. There is one thing that always annoyed me when I did this and that was that the word "Untitled" always showed up as the header. I would just cross it off with a pen after I printed out the document. I have since discovered a way to fix this problem and I wanted to share it with you.

To customize the Notepad header use these simple steps:

  1. Click File and select Page Setup...
  2. In the Header textbox enter your desired header or just clear it
  3. Click OK

There, annoying Notepad header problem solved!

A few other cool things you can do in Notepad are:

  • Insert the Date and Time by pressing F5
  • Insert a timestamp each time you open a file by having .LOG as the first line in the file


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I love this!

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