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Exploring Chrome Extensions, Week 1: Pocket

This is the first installment in a new series of posts that hopes to explore useful or interesting Chrome browser extensions.

The first extension we are going to look at is called Pocket. Pocket is an interesting way to save websites/articles/other content to be recalled at a later point. If you find content while browsing that you wish to look at again just click the Pocket extension button or right-click the page and choose “Save to Pocket”. This will save the website to your own Pocket queue which is a website (getpocket.com). It is essentially like bookmarking a page but, ideally, for content you are not going to want to access continually. I could find this useful for various articles that I do not have time to read at the moment but would like to at a later point but not fill my bookmarks toolbar/menu in the process. You can access your Pocket queue by right-clicking the Pocket extension button and choose “Open Pocket”.

To get Pocket setup just click the link below while using the Chrome browser. You will need to setup a basic account with Pocket which is just providing a name and an email address.



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