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Checking links

LinkCheckerAs we're preparing to move to our redesigned website, we've been checking some content to make sure it looks tidy and functional.  One of the tools we've been using is Firefox's LinkChecker add-on.  When installed, it allows you to right-click a webpage and "Check Page Links."  If it thinks the link is a good one, it is highlighted green. Broken links are highlighted red. It's not a perfect tool, but it has helped us cover a lot of content and find problems with our links.

When I find links that are flagged as problems, I hover over the link to display the destination in the status bar. It's a quick way to check where the link will take you. (It's also a handy way to check where links in your email and on social media might be sending you and save yourself from phishing attempts!)  If you don't see this in your browser when you hover over a link, you may need to change a setting to show your browser's status bar.


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