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Search websites directly using Chrome’s Omnibox

I just learned a really cool feature using Chrome’s Omnibox (Chrome’s url address bar). You can use the Omnibox to directly search a specific website instead of having to go to that website’s home page. This will allow the user reach the desired content directly. The search feature could be really useful for someone who searches a website a lot like Wikipedia. The only caveat to using this feature is that you must have searched the website prior to attempting this.

Check to see if you can use this feature:

In Chrome > Go to Settings > Scroll down to the Search engine header > Click Manage search engines > Make sure the site you intend to search is listed in Other search engines, if it is you are good to go, if not then you will have to go to the website and do a quick search. After this it will automatically be added to the Other search engines location in Settings.

Search sites directly using Omnibox:

*We will be using Wikipedia.org as an example but this will work for any website

In Chrome > Start by clicking in the Omnibox (address bar) > Begin typing Wikipedia.org > You should notice on the right the Omnibox will display a message, “Press TAB to search Wikipedia” > Once we hit TAB the Omnibox will change slightly, showing “Search Wikipedia | “ in light blue > We can now type anything we would like to search for and click ENTER > You will now do a direct search of Wikipedia for whatever term you used.


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