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Why Jing?


Jing is a productivity tools that I have relied on for years. This free, easy to use, and powerful screencast program is useful when answering reference questions (even on chat), creating quick training videos, and developing step-by-step procedures. 

Here are my 5 favorite Jing features along with resources to get you started.


Favorite Jing Features:


1. Annotate Images: After using Jing’s Capture feature to grab an image, you can add arrows, text, frames, and highlight features.

2. Narrate Videos: With Jing’s Capture, you can create a short video (less than 5 minutes) with or without narration. If you choose to add audio, you are prompted to connect to a microphone. Pause and restart buttons make it easy to record, and re-record the video.


3. Retrieve and Update Content: Jing’s History feature lets you locate, select, and reuse previous Jing content.


2017-05-19_1013_0014. Capture HotKey: Jing provides More features for defining preferences such as customized hotkeys. The Capture HotKey can be useful for capturing pull-down menus. 


5.  Web Hosting: If you setup a screencast.com account, you can upload your Jing videos and/or screenshots to the web.  A url and embed code is then available for sharing the Jing content.  (Limitations = Jing users have 2 GB of storage, and 2 GB of bandwidth per month.)



Free Jing Download:  https://www.techsmith.com/jing.html

Jing Training Materials: https://www.techsmith.com/tutorial-jing.html

ScreenCast Account FAQ: https://www.techsmith.com/tutorial-jing-what-is-screencastcom.html


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