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Updated PC order form

The SCLS order form has been updated to include the current Dell PC and laptop models.

The form now includes two PC (Optiplex) and two laptop (Latitude) models. Both systems offer a lower end 3000 series and a higher end 5000 series device. The 3000 series PCs and laptops are configured more for patron and the low level staff stations that don’t have a lot of devices connected to them. The 5000 series PCs and laptops are configured more for staff stations that have several devices connected to them, like RFID tagging stations, Label printers and receipt printers. Both of the 5000 series models can accommodate higher end processors like the Intel core i7 and more RAM, up to 16GB.

The biggest differences between the new 3000 series models and the 5000 series model PCs is the number of ports available. The 3000 series has 8 USB ports, 4 in the front and 4 in the back. It also has one display port so you can control two monitors from the same PC. The 5000 series has 10 USB ports, 4 in the front and 6 in the back. It has two display ports to control up to 3 monitors. It also has legacy serial, keyboard and mouse ports, which I know you will not need, but they are there, just in case.

Both laptop models have a 15.6 inch screen; they also include the number pad on the keyboard. The 3000 series laptop has 3 USB ports whereas the 5000 series laptop has 2 USB ports and a USB C port for connecting to a dock.


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