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Libby App from OverDrive

LibbyOverDrive recently announced the launch of their new app for readers, Libby. If you're subscribed to the WPLC Announcements email list, you've already seen this message from Andi Coffin at WiLS:

Phase 1 will encourage brand new users to download Libby instead of the OverDrive app. While OverDrive users in other states will see this change in June, the WPLC has opted to push this back to August in order to give us time to prepare to properly support the new app. Phase 2, which will happen later in the fall, will begin to encourage existing users to switch to Libby. It is unknown at this time if or when support for the existing app will end.
If you are not using Libby, we encourage you or your library's OverDrive support providers to become acquainted with it. Even though the app won't be pushed to new users until later this year, it is already available for public download and there will likely be support requests for it soon. You can download Libby from the App Store or Google Play.
OverDrive is providing three webinars on Libby on May 31 and June 1. You can find information about those Staff Training opportunities as well as general information here: https://resources.overdrive.com/meet-libby/.
I downloaded Libby last week and it is pretty easy to use. As I learn more, I'll pass the information along to you. Happy reading!


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Tried it and it's fantastic. The opportunities for discovering books and authors is so much better. And the simplicity of use is great. It's a much more intuitive app than the Overdrive app is. It should be much easier to support this with new users.

Hey first pass through Libby looks wonderful but trying to perform querys for books. I have come accross the following:

1: Nice to have is a inclusive query accross all Librarys I have regestered.

2. Author is now Creator? Overdrive app and web page it is Author.
3. Not clear the process of sending designated EBOOK to my anDroid Kendal device.
4 Frome my view Libby could provide more plain english flyover / search help.

With all respect I was able to fallow it

Has there been any more information about phase two yet? Will there be a push notification sent to patrons in the Overdrive app soon?

Don't fix what ain't broke. Libby is cartoonish and ugly. Dumbing down libraries started with idiots inviting children to run and scream in aisles. Now they're pushing a childish app that looks like the purple crayon so we can't even get away from the nonsense in the privacy of our own homes. Huge water of money and effort.

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