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Change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 users)

Those of you that have received a new PC within the last several months have seen that we are deploying Windows 10 PCs. With that Microsoft Edge has taken over Internet Explorer as the stock browser.  Edge uses Bing as the default search engine. Some users may not care for Bing. Users can change this default search engine to any they would like but the process is a bit different than other browsers like Chrome or Firefox. The following will explain how to change the default search engine for Microsoft Edge:

  • In Microsoft Edge, go to the website of the new, preferred search engine (exa. Google.com)
  • Select More actions > Settings, scroll down and click View advanced settings, scroll again and click Change search engine
  • Select the new search engine’s website within the list, then select Set as default
  • *Note* You must have visited the site prior to be able to see the website in the list


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