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Parents - Stop Hovering and Start Monitoring in Google Chrome


As a parent to a preteen, I have struggled with giving my daughter unsupervised access to the internet.  Even though schools provide a lot of information to children about internet safety and we’ve had many discussions about household internet rules, I still wanted a way to monitor her activities without “hovering.”

Google Chrome has an easy solution I find useful.  Chrome allows you to set up a separate profile for your child, which parents can monitor and control.

You will first need to create a new profile by going to Settings > People > Add person. Make sure to click the box next to "Control and view the websites this person visits from [your log-on account] and click Add. These supervised profiles will not be set up with their own Google identity/log-on account.  (This means they are not supposed to be tracked or targeted by Google's ad business.)

Within 15 minutes, you should receive an email link to access the supervised user's page. There you will have the ability to block certain sites, keep SafeSearch on lock, and view that user's Web activities. You can then log your kid into Chrome under their own profile by clicking the identity tag up in the top-right corner of the browser window. You also have the ability to set up and customize multiple profiles for multiple children.

This has been an easy way for me to have some peace of mind and also prompts communication between me and my daughter about what she is viewing online.   Of course these discussions aren't always easy, but are sometimes necessary given our increased use of the internet in every day life.   



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