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Federal Library Funding is at Risk

PORI have recently spent some time in libraries, essentially using them as a temporary office space. It strikes me that libraries are very vital and vibrant places. They are downright busy. People are using the photocopier, PCs and printers; getting help from the library staff; using the meeting rooms, checking out materials; or like me, just sitting in comfy chairs and using the library’s wireless with their own laptops or mobile devices. Excellent Internet and wireless service help to make libraries such useful places. Federal LSTA funds, and in some cases Federal FCC E-rate funds, offset the cost of providing Internet and wireless service to just about all of the libraries in the South Central Library System. This funding is in danger. If you live in Wisconsin and you use libraries and appreciate the great Internet, wireless and other services they provide, there are two ways you SMBcan help preserve the Federal Funding. The first is to contact Congress. The American Library Association has made it very easy to do so, by providing a form and contact information. The second way is to help the Wisconsin library delegation going to National Library Legislative Day in May tell your personal library story. There is a form for that too!


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