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Tip for printing webpages

Most of the time when you try to print something from a webpage, it's as easy as hitting the Print button or selecting Print from the browser menu. But what can you do if you're trying to print information from a webpage and everything's going wrong?

Check for a Print option within the webpage itself.  

Sometimes the way that a webpage is crafted gives unexpected printing results like blank pages, extra pages, or weird formatting. Sometimes the way the webpage is crafted doesn't work well with a print management solution like Papercut. I've run into this myself when trying to print from Google Docs, Office 365, receipe websites and many others --  if I choose the browser's Print option, nothing goes right.  If I click on the menu option or icon within those sites, those websites format the thing I'm trying to print in such a way that I get the actual content instead of weirdness associated with how the web page is formatted.

Google Docs

Office 365


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