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A few Microsoft Word shortcuts

MicrosoftwordlogoI use Microsoft Word a lot in my everyday life and there are a few tips I've picked up recently. 

Nothing is more frustrating than when you’re typing away and you touch something that unintentionally moves your cursor to another part of the document. An easy shortcut to get back where you were is so simple.  Just hit the SHIFT+F5 key combination to return to where you were last in your document and continue where you left off. 

There are a lot of shortcuts that I find handy for editing.  The ones I use the most are related to selecting sections of text.  In order to select an entire paragraph, just make three rapid mouse clicks anywhere in the paragraph.  If you wish to select an entire sentence, click anywhere in the sentence while holding the Ctrl key down.

These little tricks have saved me a lot of time and there are many more out there.  Please feel free to share any Microsoft Word tips or shortcuts that you find useful in the comments section. 


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My favorite trick: if you need to change the case of a section of text, highlight it, hold the Shift key, and tap F3 to cycle through UPPER CASE, lower case, and Mixed Case text. It's a life saver if you've inadvertently left your CapsLock on or need to emphasize text.

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