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Need for a second, ‘throw away’, phone number

Back when e-mail was new, I learned that a second, ‘throw away’ email account might be of some value. Share your ‘real’ email address with friends and family. Share your ‘throw away’ email address with businesses that may become ‘spamy’.

Trash can with lid_md

In a similar vein, a recent article in the New York Times, “A 10-Digit Key Code to Your Private Life: Your Cellphone Number”, has prompted me to consider getting a ‘throw away’ phone number for security/privacy reasons. The article notes that two sets of digits may well be with you for life: your Social Security number and your cellphone number. “The cellphone number is more than just a bunch of digits. It is increasingly used as a link to private information maintained by all sorts of companies, including money lenders and social networks. It can be used to monitor and predict what you buy, look for online or even watch on television.”

With that in mind, I went snooping around the Internet for a free/cheap app that could provide a second phone number. AppCrawlr has a robust selection of apps, as well as ratings, for both Android and Apple phones. Neat! So, now it might just be time to get a ‘throw away’ number.

Have you used a second phone number app? If so, what did you select and what’s been your experience?


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