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Build a Font Using Your Own Handwriting

I stumbled upon a fun website last week.  It is called MyScriptFont.com.  The site allows you to build a font using your own handwriting.  It is pretty simple and quick.

  1. Go to MyScriptFont.com using your favorite web browser.
  2. Print off the pdf or png template.
  3. Use a medium-thick, black marker to fill out the template
  4. Scan the template.  You can save it as a jpg, png, pdf, jpeg or tiff file, but make sure the scan is less than 6,500 x 6,500 pixels.
  5. Upload the file.
  6. Name the font.
  7. Select TTF for the output format.
  8. Click Start.
  9. After the font is generated, click it and you will be able to save it to your PC.
  10. Install the font by double-clicking the font you just downloaded then click Install (Note: On SCLS PCs, you would need to call the Help Desk to have the font installed.)
  11. The next time you open Word or other supported product, you should see your font in the fonts drop-down box.

Here is how my font turned out.  Click to enlarge.

Andrew Font







My former co-worker, Michael, also created a font.

Michael Font





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