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Some useful Excel keyboard shortcuts

At the "Advanced Microsoft Excel Techniques" class, that I recently attended the instructor told us something that I never realized before.  What he told us was that it was faster to use keyboard shortcuts in Excel than to use the mouse.  His reasoning was that if your fingers are already on the keyboard that you waste time moving them over to the mouse.  Since he loved keyboard shortcuts so much he gave us a lot of them in class.  I thought I would share some of them with you to help you save time, which I'm sure we all like to do.

Moving Around

  • Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown: Move to another worksheet
  • Ctrl-Down/Up Arrow: Moves to the top or bottom cell of the current column that contains data
  • Ctrl-Left/Right Arrow: Moves to the cell furthest left or right in the current row that contains data
  • Ctrl-Home: Moves to the beginning of the worksheet (cell A1)
  • Ctrl-End: Moves to the end of the worksheet (last cell with data in it)

Data Selection

  • Ctrl-Spacebar: Select entire column of the active cell
  • Shift-Spacebar: Select entire row of the active cell
  • Ctrl-Shift-Down/Up Arrow: Selects all the cells above or below the active cell
  • Ctrl-Shift-Left/Right Arrow: Selects all the cells to left of or to right of the active cell
  • Ctrl-Shift-Home: Selects from the active cell to the beginning of the worksheet (cell A1)
  • Ctrl-Shift-End: Selects from the active cell to the end of the worksheet (last cell with data in it)
  • Ctrl-a: Selects the entire worksheet; only those cells that contain data


  • Ctrl-Shift-!: Format selected cells to have two decimal points
  • Ctrl-Shift-$: Format selected cells to currency
  • Ctrl-Shift-%: Format selected cells to percentage
  • Ctrl-Shift-#: Format selected cells to date
  • Ctrl-Shift-@: Format selected cells to time


  • F2: Opens the active cell for editing in the formula bar
  • Alt-=: Autosums the cells above the active cell

There are many, many more keyboard shortcuts for Excel.  This was just some of the ones that I use and I hope this piqued your interest to go searching to see what other ones are available.  So the next time your mouse stops working you'll still be able to work on your Excel spreadsheets.


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