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Mobile Apps Overload?!

Overwhelmed by the amount of Mobile Apps out there?  You are not alone.  I personally have a very difficult time keeping up with the latest Apps and choosing which ones may be useful for me.  It can become frustrating when you download an App that doesn’t work the way you expected it to.  Our reliance on electronic devices makes it necessary for us to keep current with this information.  But how? 

Recently, I found a web magazine that was helpful for me.  PC Magazine provides lists that can help you navigate the App world.  The latest Apps are categorized by topic, device, cost and ranked on their functionality.  They also provide summaries and tips for using a particular App.  For instance, if you are an Android user like myself, they recently published the list of the “100 Best Android Apps of 2016.”  There are other resources out there.  Please share resources you have found useful in the comments section. 


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