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Taking screen shots from a smartphone

Has something ever popped up on your smartphone and you wanted to take a screen shot of it?

Pretty much any task that can be done on a computer can also be performed on a smartphone. It’s just a matter of finding out how for that particular make and model.   Fish3

This post will describe one method to take screens shots with the Samsung S7: the “Palm Swipe to Capture” method.

Check your settings. Before getting started, you need to check your settings. The “Palm Swipe to Capture” setting must be ‘enabled’. This is located in ‘Settings, Advanced features’.

Think like a ‘scanner’. If you hold your hand perpendicular to the screen and slowly swipe it across the screen from right to left, that’s not unlike what some types of scanners do. The camera snapshot feature is activated by this “Palm Swipe” motion.  You'll know if the picture 'took' because you'll hear the camera 'click'.


Capture the content. Once you have content that you want to capture, think and more importantly act like a scanner with the ‘Palm Swipe’.

Locate captured content. Captured content is stored in the “Gallery”, just like any picture.

A quick Internet search should land you with the instructions that you need if your smartphone is some other make and model. 



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