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Working with Excel’s tabs


 Until recently, I had a pretty limited understanding of some of the options that are available with Excel’s tabs: add, remove and rename. Here are some new tab ‘tools’: color coding, quick pick list and making alltabs go away.

In the past, a typical set of tabs might look like what's below. The tabs had basic labeling. 



What if you could color code your tabs? You can.

  • In Excel, select Format from the Home tab.
  • Select Tab color from the Organize Sheets section.
  • Select a color from the Theme Colors matrix
  • Note: You’ll only be able to see the results of your work after you make another tab the ‘active’ tab.


What if you had a tab pop up list and you could just jump to a specific tab? You can.

  • Excel has a series of arrows in the lower left hand corner.
  • Right click any one of them and a tab pick list will pop up.
  • Select the tab of interest in the list and Excel will take you there.


But wait, there’s more!

What if you wanted more Excel real estate and wanted your tabs to ‘go away’ completely. You can.

Select File, Options, Advanced and then remove the check from Show sheet tabs in the Display options for this workbook section.



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