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Project Cards & More from Denver Public Library

BlueBearAt the PLA Conference this past April in Denver, I attended a program called Tech Assistance for Cutting Edge Communities. One of the speakers, Tracy Treece, is from the Denver Public Library and she spoke about Project Cards and the many technology classes offered by the library. I was especially intrigued when she said that the Project Cards and the handouts and lesson plans for the classes are all available online.

Check out the Project Cards from Denver Public Library's IdeaLAB. There are six categories: Art & Design; Electronics; Game Design; Music; Video; and Web Design. There are anywhere from 2-9 projects in each category and each project is given a star rating for difficulty. Each card covers the basics, includes great screenshots, step-by-step instructions, and ideas for more.

Next up are the Technology Classes. And, there are a lot of options here and some are even in Spanish. No, you don't have to drive or fly to Denver to take the classes. The handouts and lesson plans are available for you to use for your own learning or in a class at your library. Look at this class for Craigslist 101 and you'll see what I mean. The lesson plans are detailed and include pretty much everything you need to replicate the class in your library.

Everything that Denver has put out there is published under Creative Commons Attribution license. You can use these resources anyway you'd like as long as you credit Denver Public Library. Thanks DPL!




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