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Ergo-what now?

The TechBits blog has had a good number of articles on ergonomic work spaces and accessories over the years, not to mention many tricks for work flow reduction. It's important tech, and often generates a lot of buzz when the subject comes up.

Here's a mind-bending wrist-twister that I don't think we've covered. Keyboards that split, tilt, fold or stand up, or even all of the above.

KeyboardsI got my first tilting, split keyboard along with my first vertical mouse, and I have to admit that I really kind of hated it to begin with. Just as my brother said when he first saw it, my initial sense was "Dude, that's just... wrong.". Well, chalk up one more thing that I initially didn't much like, yet now seems indispensable.

What could be more right than a tool that doesn't hurt to use?

Unfortunately, my first ergo-board is starting to show its age, and while shopping for potential replacements I have found that (unlike vertical mice, where competition exists and low cost options are available), there are really few major vendors in the adjustable keyboard field. As a result, while there are many product options they are generally not cheap; about $80 at the low end, and up to $300 with all the optional bells and whistles.

Maybe I'll just push my aging one a bit further, unless anyone has suggestions?


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Neat! Yesterday I started using a piece of cardboard balanced on my lap, and so far so good. It's long enough to hold a keyboard with a little space left for a wireless mouse.

It's bowing a little, but tripling the thickness should solve it. Another box under my feet helps with support.

Nichole, I'm glad that you found a low cost adjustment that works for you, that's great! I never had much luck with trays, whether improvised or fancy desk accessories. All of them had a trampoline side effect; the bounce just made me crazy. While the angling of my current keyboard isn't perfect, it is rock solid.

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