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Old viruses never die

ArchivelogoThe Internet Archive has long been known to librarians as a place to look for websites that have disappeared.  As time has gone on, they've continued to add to the archive from things like old radio programs to ebooks.

Now they've added The Malware Museum where you can go and look at some of the viruses from the 1980's and 90's.  Don't worry, the actual harmful part of the virus has been removed but they left the visual portions of the virus which runs in an emulator in your browser window. 

If looking at old viruses is a little too geeky for you, the Malware Museum is just a part of their larger software collection.   From ET to VisiCalc, they even have the games that came with Windows 3.1.  Like the viruses, these also play in an emulator in your browser window.  (My advice, skip ET and play SkiFree instead.)


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