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How to have a new printer install as easy as a piece of cake

01122So you just got a new printer and you want to hook it up and try it out.  You think - "Is there anything that I should do before I do this?"  The answer is yes!

Whenever you get a new printer, whether it is a printer that sits on your desk or a copier that all staff and patrons will use, you should always call the SCLS Help Desk first.  The reason is that the printers need special software, called a driver, installed on the PC in order for them to work correctly and this software can only be installed by the SCLS Help Desk.  If you are getting a copier that will be on your network it will be better if you call the Help Desk before it arrives so that related network tasks can be done on our end.  Also for copiers, it is a good idea to call the Help Desk and schedule a time for us to assist the copier technician with any setting questions and to install the printer driver software on the PCs that you want to use that copier.  This install process requires exclusive use of the PC as we need to log in with our administrative login.  For patron PCs this process takes a little longer as we need to turn off the disk-locking software before installing the software.  So if you are changing out a printer that patrons use please take this fact into account to make the patron disruption as minimal as possible.


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