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Tech-y "Best of 2015"

Snowed in red car

Enjoying some year-end down time? (Snowed in?) Catch up on some tech-y "best of 2015" lists:

10 tips to help manage your online privacy and security

I read the blog post "Ten Tips to Manage Your Digital Footprint" last year and it is still relevant, especially during the holiday shopping season.  Not every element of this Internet Society blog post may be pertinent to your own needs but it can be very useful information to share with your patrons.

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season!

Bookshelf = Checked Out

BookshelfBA small wording change in Wisconsin's Digital Library today is making me very happy. The word Bookshelf was changed to Checked Out. Why, you ask, does this make my day?

When you're using the OverDrive app, the word Bookshelf was used in two places. First, when a patron logs into their account on Wisconsin's Digital Library, anything they have checked out would appear on this Bookshelf. Next, a patron would BookshelfAwant to read their book and go to their Bookshelf in the OverDrive app to access the books they've downloaded. Confusing, right?

Making sure that library staff and, in turn, library patrons understood the difference and how to get to each of these was something I would clarify when conducting training sessions on Wisconsin's Digital Library and the OverDrive app. When I was at Digipalooza this past summer, it was one of the things that lots of us told OverDrive staff about and they listened!

As of this morning (December 15, 2015), patrons will now see the words Checked Out when they log into their account on Wisconsin's Digital Library - through the OverDrive app or the website. Sometimes, it's the littlest things that make me the happiest. 

Happy Reading! Checkouts

Some assorted tips

So... I had a couple of fun little Excel tips that I thought could be illustrated quickly with a short video, but then I had a dilemma --- where should I save my video so I could easily share it in TechBits?

Enter Google Drive. Did you know you can save videos to Google Drive? and share them? and get embed code to embed them in a webpage? (Me either! But a bit of internet searching gave me these instructions. Thanks, Alice Keeler!)

Here's the embedded 14 second video...

and a link directly to the video in case you'd like to see it full-size.

Another Office 365 pin

World, I'm on top of the worldOffice 365 has the ability to “pin” messages to the top of any mailbox. If you find yourself searching for a particular message on a regular basis, you may want to try “pinning” it. I find myself doing this for almost all the emails I get that I have to respond to, that way they don’t get lost in my mailbox.

Pinning a message is super easy; all you have to do is click the little black pushpin on the right side of the message and it will move that message to the top of your mailbox. To unpin a message click the red pin on the right side of the message and it will go back to its original spot in your mailbox.

See, I told you it was easy but you wouldn’t believe me would you?