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Office 365 - Where did "reply" go in my email?

Microsoft is totally committed to Office 365 and it shows.  They are constantly improving and upgrading it.  Most enhancements are really neat (swipe, pin messages, etc) however the latest upgrade may have annoyed some users.  Not only did the reply button move, they changed the default to reply all!  I'm amazed at how many comments I got about it. Now I'm NOT an O365 programmer (so please don't assume I know Microsoft's motivation behind the change)  but I did a quick look in the options and found out how to make reply instead of reply all the default again!

  1. Login to your email (Office 365)
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right
  3. On the drop down click Options
  4. On the Options menu on the left, expand Mail (if necessary)
  5. Click on Reply settings
  6. Select Reply and click Save

That's it!  You are back in business...wait where did "Forward" go?  Just click the arrow next to "Reply" to get a menu that includes Reply all and Forward.



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