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Firefox Reader View


Like Jean, it's no secret that I love reading. Sometimes I dislike reading online though. Too much clutter on the screen can really get in the way of a good read. Anything that flashes, blinks or moves around while I'm reading is getting the evil eye from me.

Firefox Reader View to the rescue! Available in version 38.0.5, one click can take a cluttered, too-busy page and reduce it to just the main article that one wants to view. It can also render a page that is "unprintable" into one that prints cleanly.

FF-enter-reader-viewYou'll find this clever tool at the tail end of the Firefox address bar (just left of the Search box). Its icon looks like a little open book. The icon isn't always there; it will only be visible if the content of the page can be reorganized by Firefox.

Once you've clicked it, you can use the icons on the left side of the screen to fine tune the font, font size and screen background color, similar to features found on most e-readers. You can also drop the article from there into your Firefox Pocket for later reading, but that's a feature for another day...


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