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Excel: COUNTIF function

Counting_lemurHave you ever needed to count the number of times something appears in a column (or range of cells) in Excel?

Enter... COUNTIF.

COUNTIF counts the number of cells within a range that meet a given condition.

  1. select the cell you'd like to hold your total count
  2. in the formula bar, type your formula:
    =COUNTIF(range, criteria)
    where range is the range of cells where you'd like to do the counting, and criteria is what you'd like to count

Here's an example for our lemur friend in the picture:


COUNTIF - cell as criteria
COUNTIF using a cell reference as criteria (click for full-size)

COUNTIF uses only a single criteria. Use COUNTIFS if you want to use multiple criteria.For example, you can use a number like 32, a comparison like ">32", a cell like B4 , or a word like "apples".COUNTIF works on more than just text, too. The criteria can be a number, expression, cell reference, or text string that determines which cells will be counted.


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I question the impartiality of the lemur running this study.

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