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Microsoft says bye, bye to IE

Rumor has it that Windows 10 may be released as early as this summer. As is true with any new version of an operating system, there will be many changes. One of the more radical changes is that Micosoft will be deprecating Internet Explorer (some stub of which will remain for software compatibility) and instituting "Project Spartan".

"Project Spartan" is the code name for the new (unnamed) browser. Here's a small list of features slated to be included in "Spartan":

  • PDF support integrated within the browser
  • Webpage 'snapshots' can be taken and marked up ~ Skitch
  • Cortana integration: think Siri on steroids. (She'll 'help' you navigate the web as well as your PC/mobile device.)

Here's a brief video tour. The 12 min. video covers many things about Windows 10. The video clip here will start when the Spartan tour begins (~ the 3 min mark). The Spartan tour ends ~ 7.5 min mark.




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