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Socket to me!

With the rise of portable devices, everyone's looking for power outlets. A portable device is only helpful if it has a charge, after all. Along with friendly and helpful staff, good wireless, and comfortable furniture, available power can make or break a patron's library experience.

The @LibraryOutlets Twitter account recently came to my attention. Check out all those tweets from people across the country about... you guessed it... power outlets in libraries! And look at the replies from libraries that are working on improving their power situation.

How does your library fare when it comes to available outlets? Are your patrons able to find a place to plug in?

Hopefully this need for outlets won't last too long. Charging via countertops or furniture is on the horizon!

More about libraries and outlets:  https://appreciateyourself.wordpress.com/2010/08/15/power-to-the-people-public-spaces-and-the-availablity-of-power-outlets-and-surge-protectors/


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