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Who wrote it?

Ever wonder who wrote a particular TechBits post? Author comments
When a TechBits post goes out by email, it doesn't automatically include the author information.* BUT... if you click on the title of the post in the email, it will take you to the post on the TechBits blog where you can view the author information at the bottom of the post.

We ♥ comments
Comments/replies are also best directly through the TechBits blog. If you receive TechBits via email and want to comment on a post (we LOVE comments!), click on the title of the post in the email and it will take you to the blog itself. There you can leave a comment that will be viewable by everyone (and for which the writer of the post will receive an automatic email notification), and you will also be able to read any comments left by other readers.

* We currently use Feedburner for emailing posts and it doesn't offer an option to include author information in emailed posts. If you use an alternative to Feedburner that you'd like to recommend, we'd love to hear about it!


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Thanks for all of the work you put into TechBits. You always manage to create posts that are very relevant and useful.

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